Here is how the all-new DJI M350 RTK outshines the M300 RTK

Our love for the DJI M300 RTK is no secret. And since the recent release of its upgraded version – the DJI M350 RTK, all the M300 enthusiasts have never been as excited. The DJI M350 RTK boasts some incredible upgrades from its predecessor — Incorporating three years of feedback from Matrice 300 RTK users, the Matrice 350 RTK offers enhanced durability and weather resistance, a new low-light FPV camera, an optimized battery system, and much more. Let's look at the top 7 upgrades that make the DJI M350 RTK stand out from the M300 RTK!

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The improved IP Rating

While the M300 RTK is IP45 rated, the M350 RTK has been built with an upgraded IP55 tolerance, translating to the fact that M350 RTK has greater protection against solid objects. This impressive IP55 Rating makes the M350 one of the higher IP-Rated drone solutions from the DJI Enterprise.


Upgraded Battery System

The DJI M350 features an Intelligent Flight Battery System! While both drones can provide up to 55 minutes of flight time, the M350 RTK’s TB65 batteries can withstand up to “400 cycles”, compared to the “200-cycle” lifespan of the M300 RTK’s TB60 batteries.

The M350 batteries are designed to be fully hot-swappable, providing users with the ability to easily replace depleted batteries with fresh ones without causing any interruptions to their mission. The incorporation of heat sinks on each battery is another notable advantage — this helps the batteries to cool while they are being charged, resulting in faster and more efficient charging. Furthermore, the charging case has strategically placed fan vents that align with the heat sinks to facilitate the cooling process.

Again, it is worth noting that the TB65 batteries can be used with your M300 RTKs – This requires a firmware update –  that’s all.


New Arm Lock Indicator

One of the biggest safety improvements on the DJI M350 RTK is the addition of an arm lock indicator. Even though the DJI M300 RTK is an incredible drone solution, there have been incidents of drone crashes just because pilots forget to lock the arm sleeves properly – Let’s not get there; that’s now sorted.

The arm locking mechanism has been redesigned, incorporating a magnet that detects whether the lock is properly secured. If an arm is not correctly installed, the M350 RTK prevents takeoff and displays a warning message in Pilot 2. This feature ensures the drone’s safe operation and reduces the risk of accidents.


Enhanced FPV Camera

Both the DJI M300 RTK and DJI M350 are equipped with an FPV camera; but the Matrice M350 RTK comes with advanced night-vision FPV capabilities, translating to greater visibility and safety during low-light missions. The enhanced low-light capabilities of the FPV camera enable users to clearly visualize the horizon and identify obstacles, ensuring the safety and success of their missions.


New Transmission System

The DJI M350 RTK features the latest OcuSync 3 Enterprise Transmission system upgrade, as opposed to the M300 RTK’s O2 Enterprise. With four internal antennas, this transmission system guarantees secure connectivity even in the most challenging environments, extending up to 20 kilometers; whereas the older O2 Enterprise could only facilitate up to 15km. Furthermore, the M350 RTK’s propellers are made of non-conductive materials, eliminating any potential interference with the antenna signal.

Updated Case

DJI M350 comes with an upgraded protective case. A quick comparison of the M350 carrying case with the M300 RTK reveals a significant reduction in size — M350 carrying case is 31% smaller than its predecessor, making it much easier to carry and store. Moreover, the drone’s carrying case now features a dual payload slot allowing you to carry two payloads at the same time with ease.

In addition, the DJI M350 RTK’s battery station and main case are equipped with wheels that can move 360°, making it even easier to carry around. Now, you can simply roll the case to your desired location without any hassle. What’s more? — M300 RTK owners have the option to purchase this case separately, giving them access to enhanced transport capabilities as well!

DJI M350 RTK upgraded case

DJI RC Plus Smart Controller

The DJI M350 RTK comes with an IP54-rated RC Plus smart controller, which is an upgraded RC compared to the M300 RTK’s Smart Controller. Moreover, the M350 RTK supports Advanced Dual Control, enabling two pilots to work together efficiently. However, the good news is –  RC Plus is now compatible with the M300 RTK after a firmware update!

The RC Plus has improved features against the Smart Controller Enterprise. The enhanced features include larger and brighter screen, extended battery time, and an IP rating. 

Here are the key specification differences between the DJI RC Plus and the DJI Smart Controller Enterprise.


Likewise, the M350 RTK is fully compatible with all M300 payloads, such as the H20N for night operations, H20T for thermal inspections, L1 for LiDAR, and P1 for aerial surveying and much more. Furthermore, with the DJI Payload SDK, the M350 RTK can be customized to integrate seamlessly with third-party payloads designed for specific applications, such as the PhaseOne P3, U10 and so on.

With its advanced features and capabilities, the Matrice 350 RTK is taking the commercial drone industry to new heights. We can’t wait to take it out to the field and share our first-hand experience with you. The all-new DJI M350 is now available – place your orders now — drop us a line at

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