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The Drone Centre stands as the DJI Enterprise Master Dealer in the MENA region, reflecting its vision and acting as advocates for drone technology, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our commitment lies in building and strengthening relationships with our strategic dealer partners, ensuring their success in this dynamic industry.

Stay ahead of the curve

More often than not, adopting easily deployable technologies is the way to go, especially when you’re looking to cut costs and improve efficiency at the same time. The drone will be a non-dispensable tool for many industries in five to ten years. Today, businesses that have not started their drone initiative are already behind the curve. Here’s why.

Aerial inspection, survey and mapping is safer using drone

Safer Operation

Remove workers from dangerous and hazardous situations. Let the drone handle it.

Aerial inspection, survey and mapping is faster using drone

Faster Data Collection

Drones are small, weightless and nimble. They can gracefully maneuver around the site and capture data

Drone for better data aerial inspection and survey mapping in remote sensing

Better Data

Precise geo-referenced data on demand. One km² drone data contains more than 44 million points.

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How are drones changing your industry?

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DJI m300 RTK

If you know which drone you want but are unsure if you will make the right decision, book a demo! See the drone in action and make your final decision.

From Drone Professionals, to the world.

The Drone Centre is a gathering place for all things drones. TDC are drone pilots first and foremost. Our consultants are industry experts with a wealth of knowledge. As a result, our customers enjoy quality service and products in an enriching environment. The Drone Centre is set up to be the only establishment you’d need to set up your very own drone operations. We help you find the right drone, train your staff to become competent drone pilots, and support your team to achieve excellence.

The Drone Centre (FEDS Trading FZCO) is Part of FEDS Group and a DCAA Certified Training Centre.

Fixed-wing vs. VTOL: what do you need to consider before choosing

Join us for an engaging webinar and live Q&A that dives deep into the common discussion points around the fixed-wing drones vs. VTOLs debate.

Tuesday, November 9 at 11:30 Dubai Time

Our panel of internal and external experts will share facts on take off and landing, flight performance, coverage, cameras, mission operations and regulations for both platforms.