Drone-powered Smart Water Sampling Solution

Sorability Speedip is an intelligent system designed for drone-based water sampling, offering a 2L water sampling volume, situational awareness, and user-friendly features to help users improve efficiency and reduce costs. It simplifies navigation, water sample collection at designated depths, data logging, and work reporting with its intuitive interface and robust sensors and software, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for research and environmental monitoring in hard-to-reach areas.

Speedip Soarability

Why Speedip?

Speedip is an innovative system that offers a range of benefits to users. From improved efficiency and reduced costs to a streamlined water sampling process and advanced situational awareness, Speedip is an invaluable tool for anyone involved in drone-based water sampling.

Soarability quick release

Quick Setup Time

The Speedip can now be seamlessly integrated into the DJI M300 RTK with the new quick-release bracket, enabling easy installation in as little as 10 seconds.

Soarability Remote operation

Seamless Remote Operation

The pre-flight operation plan will be synchronised automatically to DJI Pilot on-site, allowing efficient remote water sampling operation and seamless workflow.

Soarability One-touch water sampling

One-touch Operation

The intelligent closed-loop motion controls (distance & speed) enable accurate and smooth one-touch automated water sampling at the designated depth. Semi-auto and manual modes are also available.

Soarability 2L Capacity

2L Sampling Volume

Total payload weight, including 2kg water, is only ~2.7kg, achieving an effective payload ratio >74% of DJI M300 RTK, which significantly reduces operation time and simplifies workflow.

Soarabilty Easy Reporting

Easy Reporting

The sampling operation can be synchronised to DJI Pilot and Speedip web platforms in real time. The data will be automatically saved and stored for review later, making data logging and work reporting easy.

Exceptional Features


Water Sampling Containers

Three types of sampling containers are available to cater to different sampling scenarios. For most surface sampling, the 2L PMMA container is the recommended choice. However, if you are dealing with corrosive liquids, the 1L stainless steel container is a more suitable option. Additionally, when using other payloads, such as H20T, the 1L PMMA container is the ideal choice.

Semi-coupled Connection

Semi-coupled Connection

The semi-coupled connection design of the container is a unique feature that significantly reduces shaking after sampling, minimising the rotational inertia of the entire system for enhanced flight safety. This innovative design ensures a stable and safe sampling process, improving overall efficiency while ensuring the integrity of the collected samples.

4G connection

Built-in 4G Connectivity

The Speedip is capable of supporting multi-to-multi data transmission without any distance restrictions. Allows on-site information to be transmitted in real-time to multiple locations, promoting more effective teamwork and faster decision-making.

Bright LEDs

High-brightness Warning LEDs

The warning lights on the Speedip offer a quick and easy way to check the working status, providing vital system information and ensuring safe operations for those nearby. These lights indicate the Speedip’s status to monitor the system easily.

Speedip API

Supports Connection Through APl Port

Speedip supports connection through an APl port and remote control (e.g. a 5G box or Pixhawk), providing more complete solutions for users in different applications.

Speedip Soarability

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