Sorability’s Sniffer4D is an advanced UAV and ground-based gas detection system that captures and visualizes multi-dimensional gas distributions with unparalleled accuracy, providing hyper-local air pollution information for decision-making in oil and gas, environmental protection, and HAZMAT response. The advanced sensors provide real-time data and analysis capabilities from anywhere in the world, making them an essential tool for ensuring safety and minimizing risk in various industries.

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The UAV-based system acquires data with accurate gas concentration, geographic and time information, transmitting the data to our powerful analytical software Sniffer4D Mapper for real-time data analysis.

Sniffer4D v2 for drone

Sense Up to 9 Gases at a Time

Sniffer4D is able to sense up to 9 gases and particle concentrations at one time. Users can flexibly choose or alter their sensor configurations that suit their applications and budgets.


Available Parameters






















9 Parameters Sniffer4D

Also including, gas sampling, wind speed & direction, ionizing radiation, and other customized parameters.

See Your Real-time Data, Anywhere

Real-time: Built-in 4G connectivity for real-time data transmission to one or multiple ends. Swarm supported. SIM card with traffic is required and not provided (*). Offline: Support SD auto recording (with GNSS- fixed) for post-mission analysis.

*Supports 4G/LTE/3G/EDGE/GPRS

User-friendly Design

The user-friendly design of Sniffer4D ensures seamless operation, providing an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features that enable users to work more efficiently and effectively. Whether you are working in oil and gas, environmental protection, or HAZMAT response, Sniffer4D is a reliable and easy-to-use tool that will help you achieve your goals quickly.

Sniffer4D - One cable


Built-in cellular & GNSS, power cable is all you need. Three types of supply available (PSDK/USB-C/XT30).
Plug and Play system Sniffer4D

Plug & Play

Plug & play allows quick data monitoring after startup, significantly saving flight time and mission time.

Front & Rear LED

High-brightness RGB LEDs on Sniffer4D auto-change colors based on gas concentration, alerting personnel.

Status LEDs

"Sniffer4D's 6 status LEDs enhance work efficiency by quickly communicating its status to users.

Powerful niffer4D Mapper Analytics

The Sniffer4D Mapper software allows users to easily control the device and process the data collected during 3D mapping. The software provides real-time data processing, enabling users to see the map as it is being created, and offers various visualization tools to help users better understand the data.

Advanced Real-time Visualization

Advanced Real-time Data Analysis

Sniffer4D Mapper software visualizes and analyzes data from one or multiple Sniffer4D(s) in real time, providing intuitive & insightful information for decision makers.

One-click Result Sniffer4D

One-click Result Delivery

After a mission, simply click a button to generate a mission report containing key results, or a CSV datasheet containing all the raw data. Reporting your work has never been easier.

Target setting & Navigation Sniffer4D

Target Setting & Navigation

Both onsite and offsite staff can set a Target on Sniffer4D Mapper. The direction and distance to the Target will be displayed on DJI Pilot, and the information will navigate the flight for the pilot, minimizing the information gap between the crews.

Automatic Data FOrwarding - Sniffer4D

Automatic Data Forwarding to Cloud

Sniffer4D supports real-time data outputting to the specific software platform required by the user (through the MQTT protocol).

Drone Integration

The Sniffer4D can be easily mounted on a drone, which allows it to capture high-quality data from hard-to-reach places.

When being carried by DJI Enterprise drones, Sniffer4D shows its real-time data on the DJI Pilot App screen. Deep integration with other drone platforms is also possible via Sniffer4D’s API.


Environmental Monitoring

Quickly scan through an area and obtain its hyperlocal air pollution distribution in 3D. The results can be used to pin down exact locations of suspected fugitive emission sources, to understand how air pollution are transported, and so on.

Ship Emission & FSC Monitoring

Fly Sniffer4D into ship plumes, analyze the gas composition, and automatically estimate the Fuel Sulfur Content (FSC) of the ships using its advanced built-in inversion algorithm.

Leak Detection

Efficiently gather distributions information of certain gases in oil & gas plants. Use this information to locate suspected leakage spots, and to identify the spread of harmful substance.

HAZMAT Response

In an event of an emergency, before putting the health and safety of your team at risk, fly Sniffer4D into the scene to quickly identify the types and spreads of toxic gases, and define safety perimeter.

Included in the Package



Compatible with various mobile platforms, captures geo-referenced and time-stamped gas & particle concentration data, and transmits the data to Sniffer4D Mapper in real time.

Sinffer4D Mapper

Sniffer4D Mapper

Sniffer4D Mapper visualizes and analyzes data in real time, provides intuitive information (e.g. 2D/3D pollution distribution, PDF mission reports) for decision makers.

Drones Integration Kit

Integration Kits +

Integration kits for DJI Drones, gas sampling module, ionizing radiation sensing module, and wind sensing module, making the best out of your Sniffer4D V2 under different circumstances.


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