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DJI M300 RTK Drone the best inspection drone

Here’s everything you need to know about DJI M-300’s new firmware update

Its a great year and a half since the M-300 RTK has come out. We’ve been quick to upgrade out outdoor inspection fleet to the M-300 to improve our drone inspection reliability and accuracy. So we’re rather excited to find out what further improvements to safety and performance this new firmware update brings.

DJI Drone Training Transco

Transco Trains for Drone Powerline Inspection

Inspecting power lines the traditional method is slow, hazardous, and cost-inefficient. Previously, power and utilities companies had to choose between ground patrols and helicopters when conducting inspections. Ground teams are relatively inexpensive but are also terribly slow and offer minimal visibility. Helicopters are fast but expensive and can only offer a limited perspective which makes assessing complex assets difficult. The drawbacks of both traditional methods make drones the ideal choice for powerline inspections.

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Fixed-wing vs. VTOL: what do you need to consider before choosing

Join us for an engaging webinar and live Q&A that dives deep into the common discussion points around the fixed-wing drones vs. VTOLs debate.

Tuesday, November 9 at 11:30 Dubai Time

Our panel of internal and external experts will share facts on take off and landing, flight performance, coverage, cameras, mission operations and regulations for both platforms.