Elistair provides cutting-edge tethered drone solutions for enhanced security, surveillance, communication, and data gathering. The systems offer extended flight times, stability, and flexibility, empowering organisations to achieve operational excellence.

SAFE-T 2 Tether Station

Add a new capability to your drone fleet by providing increased endurance for demanding operations thanks to the drone tether power system.

The Safe-T 2 is a rugged tether station compatible with multiple drones on the market, including the DJI Matrice 350. With a 100m micro-tether and resistance to poor weather conditions, it provides an uninterupted overwatch capability for hours. The system is particularly suited for day-night aerial surveillance but also telecommunication applications using our optional fiber optics micro-tether.

Designed for the most demanding missions

IP54, with a 100m micro-tether, the Safe-T 2 is approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority

Compatible with the DJI M350 and multiple drones

One drone power tether station compatible with the widest range of 6S or 12S drones with up to 2200W continuous power

Already chosen by multiple government agencies

Over 650 systems currently used around the world for defense and security operations and counting

LIGH-T 4 Tether Station

Easily increase your drones endurance for overwatch event protection and crisis management missions.

Persistent overwatch capability is now accessible at all levels with the 4th generation of the Ligh-T tether station. Thanks to its ultra light 70m micro tether, you will be able to fly for hours with your DJI M350 as well as most other drones on the market. Easy to transport and ready-to-fly in less than 5 minutes, Ligh-T tethering station brings portability and usability to the next level.

Multi-drone compatible, including the DJI M350

One station compatible with multiple drones up to 1500W of power

Designed for portability and ease of use

Switch from a tethered drone to a free flying drone in less than 1 minute

Operational with first responders

Improvements based on real world feedback from operational users

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