DJI Dock 2 – Unveiling the New DJI Dock

DJI has unveiled the upgraded autonomous drone platform "DJI DOCK 2" following its original model. This new drone dock features a lightweight design at just 34kg and offers affordable pricing. The DJI DOCK 2 supports high-precision surveying, mapping, and security inspection tasks with its DJI Matrice 3D/3TD series drone.

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The DJI Dock 2 features a more compact and efficient design with a 75% reduction in volume and a 68% reduction in weight compared to its predecessor, weighing just 34kg without the drone. This makes it easier to relocate and test in multiple locations. It is IP54 rated, has a maximum operational range of 10km, an environmental monitoring system, and a built-in backup battery, providing an additional 5 hours of operation in case of power loss. It’s designed for a six-month maintenance interval to reduce costs and improve uptime.

DJI Dock 2 compact design

DJI Matrice 3D and 3TD 

The Matrice 3D and 3TD drones, designed specifically for use with the Dock 2, feature a 50-minute battery life, six-way obstacle avoidance, and a maximum operating range of 10km with a battery rated for 400 cycles. The Matrice 3D has a wide-angle 4/3 CMOS 20MP sensor with a mechanical shutter, while the 3DT includes a 1/1.32 inch CMOS 48MP sensor and a 640×512 thermal camera.

DJI Matrice 3DT

DJI Dock 2 Compared to DJI Dock 1

The DJI Dock 2 represents an evolution from the original DJI Dock (DJI Dock 1) with several key improvements.

Weight and Size: DJI Dock 2 is significantly lighter and more compact than its predecessor, weighing only 34kg compared to the 90kg of DJI Dock 1. The size reduction enhances portability and installation flexibility.

Ingress Protection: While both docks are designed with durability in mind, including IP55-level dust and water resistance, the DJI Dock 2’s design allows for operation in harsh climates and reduced size and weight contribute to its improved protective performance.

DJI Dock 2 offers IP54


Charging and Turnaround: The original DJI Dock features rapid charging that readies drones for flight in 25 minutes, whereas the DJI Dock 2 charges from 20% to 90% in approximately 32 minutes.

Operational Radius and Flight Time: DJI Dock 1 offers a 7 km flight radius and 40 minutes of flight time. While DJI Dock 2 can fly up to 50 minutes and 10 km flight radius.

Intelligent Features and Cloud Integration: Both docks integrate intelligent features and cloud-based operations. However, DJI Dock 2 has enhanced integration with DJI FlightHub 2, providing advanced functions like cloud modelling and automated flights.

Maintenance and Monitoring: DJI Dock 1 features a Health Management System for maintenance and status monitoring. DJI Dock 2’s overall design and features suggest similar or improved maintenance capabilities, ensuring long-term, independent operation.

Environmental Monitoring: Both docks have environmental monitoring systems to adjust to weather changes, but the DJI Dock 2 emphasises its improved environmental sensors and alarms for more effective flight risk management.

The DJI Dock 2 is clearly designed with an emphasis on enhanced portability, rapid deployment, and advanced integration for intelligent drone operations, building upon and exceeding the foundation laid by the original DJI Dock. 

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed insights and get ready to see how the DJI Dock 2 could fit into your operational workflow.

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