TDC hosts the first-ever DJI Enterprise Product Launch in the Middle East

DJI M30 Launch Event Dubai
Dubai, UAE: On 2nd August 2022, the Middle East witnessed its first-ever DJI Enterprise Product Launch. The Master Dealer of DJI Enterprise in the Middle East - The Drone Centre officially announced the launch of two DJI Enterprise solutions in the region - the DJI M30 Series and DJI Zenmuse H20N. It was an incredibly productive day that heard proactive conversations and actionable takeaways that the present and future would appreciate. The event saw active participation of 50+ attendees including professionals from both government entities and private sector from various industries - energy & utilities, telecommunication, and AEC & survey - to name a few.

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Scott Henderson, TDC – Head of Sales, introduced DJI M30 Series and H20N as the new standards for industrial UAV solutions. Along with the comprehensive presentation, the veteran drone pilots from the FEDS group demonstrated the products in real time; watching the all-new drone solutions live in action made the event truly worth it.

“What I like about your company is that you don’t just have drones; you have solutions, and we are looking for solution-based services. So I’m very happy to be here for the event,” as quoted by one of the attendees – David Pappoe, Managing Director, Energas West Africa Limited.

The CEO and Founder of FEDS Group, Rabih Bou Rached kick-started the event with the opening speech that made all of us spellbound. Rabih proudly declared that TDC would soon be the BIGGEST DJI Enterprise dealer in the WORLD. So, you know, if it’s said, consider it done! 

A highly comprehensive presentation about the new DJI solutions, interactive Q&A session, networking with experts, live Indoor and Outdoor demonstrations of the latest products, and whatnot? DJI Enterprise Product Launch in Dubai was truly eventful.

DJI Zenmuse H20N Demonstration
Scott demonstrating the thermal capabilities of DJI Zenmuse H20N

“The event was fantastic! The indoor and outdoor demonstration was a clever idea” as quoted by Steve Critchley, the Head of Audio Visual at Infinity Des Lumières.

“The drone community has a big presence here in the region, and we want to be the central platform that brings everyone together. We will host events in the future and learn more about what people need from the drone ecosystem,” says Scott, owing to the massive acceptance of the exciting yet insightful event.

“Small Drones; Big Impact,” says Abdulrahman Alsharif, Senior Engineer, DEWA. He speaks so highly of drones, particularly the all-new DJI Enterprise line of products “DJI always makes sure that they have new products that resonate with our needs; their products are constantly evolving.” Alsharif continued to state how drones are an added value to business by being solution-providers for multiple applications. 

Jony Ji, DJI Enterprise Sales Manager for the Middle East region reiterated how DJI enterprise drones are designed upon the invaluable inputs from experts in the drone industry. 

DJI Product Launch
Ahmed Borik (left) & Sara Sharif Ahmed (right) from the Etisalat

Yousif Jalil, Civil and Environmental Engineer, Saqr Aerospace was vocal about how the event became an incredible platform for exchanging experiences among experts from different industries. It was such a rewarding experience to realise that our attendees were highly discussing drones’ advantages to their business during networking. We consider them as little testimonies that speak volumes about our mission – to improve every business with a drone-powered solution.

The Drone Centre is all that you will need to establish your own drone operations. We help you find the right drone, train your staffs, and support your entire team to achieve excellence in your drone operations. The Drone Centre will continue to inform, inspire, and interact with people excited by drone technology’s potential. Does it sound like you? Perfect! Feel free to drop us a line.

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