Drone Surveying & Mapping Training

Drone Surveying & Mapping Training

Designed for individuals aiming to master the use of DJI Enterprise Drones and their payloads for precise, efficient surveying and mapping missions. Participants will learn about advanced mission planning, best practices for data collection and data processing techniques. 

  • Comprehensive overview of DJI Enterprise line-up 
  • Flight planning with the DJI Pilot App 
  • Understanding different mission types 
  • Maximizing D-RTK2 Ground Station Usage 
  • Data collection best practices 
  • Creating precise 2D and 3D models 

Drone Surveying & Mapping Training

Introduction to DJI Enterprise Drones & Payloads

Start with a comprehensive overview of DJI’s enterprise drone line up and the various payloads designed for surveying and mapping tasks. Learn about the capabilities and features of drones such as the Mavic 3 Enterprise series, the Matrice 350 RTK, and their compatible sensors and cameras that enhance mission efficiency and data accuracy. 

Flight Planning in DJI Pilot App

Exploring DJI Pilot app’s interface and different mission planning tools it offers. Understand how to select and customize different mission types, from photogrammetry to waypoint flights, ensuring you can plan and execute complex surveying tasks with ease. 

Mastering DJI D-RTK 2

Gain expert knowledge in utilizing the DJI D-RTK 2 High Precision GNSS Mobile Station. This module covers the setup, calibration, and integration of the D-RTK 2 with your drone, ensuring accuracy in positioning data, crucial for precise mapping and surveying operations. 

Field Missions & Data Collection

Apply your skills in real-world scenarios by performing various mock missions and collecting data in the field. This practical experience allows you to navigate through challenges encountered during flight operations and data capture, honing your ability to conduct surveying and mapping missions under diverse conditions. 

Data Processing with DJI Terra

This segment focuses on processing the collected data to generate accurate maps and 3D models. Learn how to leverage DJI Terra’s analysis tools for data interpretation, enabling informed decision-making and delivering impactful results. 


Who this course is for

  1. GIS engineers interested in Drone Surveying
  2. Professionals seeking advanced drone training
  3. Commercial drone pilots looking to expand their capabilities

Training Locations

Dubai Training Ground, UAE

RIyadh Training Ground, KSA

Drone Surveying & Mapping Training

US$ 1,785/pax

This program requires completion of the Commercial Drone Training as a prerequisite. It is designed for Commercial Drone Training Program graduates who wish to acquire further training specific to industry or application needs.

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