Commercial Drone Training

What you will learn

The Commercial Drone Training and Certification program is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge of drone operation, essential drone control, and the official DCAA drone pilot certification exam. Upon completion, pilots will possess the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct commercial RPAS (drone) operations safely. Including: 

  • Regulatory Framework
  • Airspace Awareness
  • Drone Components and Basic Maintenance
  • Pre-flight Procedures 
  • Drone Control and Flight Operations
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Navigation Lights and Markings

Training Overview

Theory Class

Knowledge Classes:

Lectures will be delivered via on screen presentations by a lecturer with each student having a printed booklet of materials of CAR-UAS, Study Materials and Technical documents of the RPAS on which they will be trained.


Knowledge Test:

Knowledge tests are conducted to evaluate the knowledge of the students. Successful students will be continuing with flight training session. Those who are not successful will undergo Knowledge classes again for retest.

Flight Training

Simulator Sessions:

Simulator will begin by the instructor providing an overview of the skill to be developed, the correct procedure to be followed and two demonstrations on the simulator. The participants will have an opportunity now to ask any questions. The students will then each attempt to reproduce the instructor’s maneuvers.


On-Field Flight Training:

Students will be taken to the flying field and practice maneuvers and emergency procedures during the course. Step by step procedures are followed as per the training manual.


Theory and Flight Exams

Flight Test:

Flight Test are conducted to evaluate the students UAS flying skills. Successful students will be awarded certification and apply for RPAS certification issued by DCAA. Those who are not successful will undergo more flight training sessions for retest.



Students who successfully pass the Knowledge and flight test will be issued RPAS Training Certificate which can then be applied to get RPAS License from DCAA.

Who this course is for

  1. Professionals seeking drone basic training.
  2. Individuals interested in obtaining DCAA certification.

Training Locations

Dubai Training Ground, UAE

Commercial Drone Training

US$ 2,315/pax

DCAA Certified Training Centre

Available Training Schedule 

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