Partnership Update: The Drone Centre and Phase One

Partnership Update
We're excited to share some big news! We have strengthened our collaboration with Phase One by formalising our partnership as an authorised distributor in the GCC Region. Based out of Denmark, Phase One is a pioneering drone imaging solutions provider and camera manufacturer. The collaboration is set to reshape how organisations in the Middle East inspect critical assets like flare stacks, solar panels as well as conduct high-level façade inspections.

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Among the varied range of imaging solutions and products that Phase One offers, the P3 payload stands out in the realm of aerial imagery as it is a versatile tool that is particularly effective in inspections. With a megapixel count of up to 120, a multi-lens configurability, super-steady gimbal stabilisation, smart focusing and smart triggering, the P3 payload is set to make inspections more accurate and efficient.

Phase One P3 Payload - Image Credits: Phase One

Together with Phase One, we aim to improve the accuracy and eliminate the risk factors involved in inspections in the region. For instance, inspections of flare stacks and powerlines, which have traditionally been risky and complex, will become much more manageable with their drone payload. Similarly, inspection of critical assets will benefit from the enhanced accuracy and thoroughness that the P3 payload provides.

The partnership with Phase One reinforces our vision to improve safety, efficiency, and data accuracy in aerial inspections and imaging. By bringing in Phase One’s advanced payloads and imaging solutions to our clients, we aim to set a new standard in the industry that will broaden the scope and break the norms of what drones can achieve.

There is more to come so, stay tuned for updates on new developments as we move forward with this partnership. Together, we are ready to make waves and redefine drone inspections with the newest innovations and breakthroughs in aerial imagery!

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