Making Drone Solutions More Accessible Through Sigma Expertise

TDC Sigma DJI Drones
Drone technology is ramping up to support applications across the middle east; a sector that significantly benefits from drones is the surveying field. The Drone Centre is now partnered with Sigma Enterprises to serve our customers better.

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Our fundamental goal is to improve businesses with drone solutions; in line with that goal, we are now strategically partnered with Sigma Enterprises. Sigma is a distributor and service provider for a wide range of Scientific and engineering technologies in the UAE and GCC countries. They are a part of the Mazrui International group, one of the leading UAE business conglomerates.

Today, TDC and Sigma will work together to provide support and bring the benefits of drones to commercial industries and help make operations safer, faster, and more efficient. Scott Henderson, Head of Sales at TDC, said, “Because of their (Sigma) expertise, we value the added support they can provide to customers. We think that Sigma are the perfect support pillar for the surveying industry.”

Chethan Karkera, Channel Manager at Sigma Enterprises LLC, shared that “Strengthening Sigma Enterprises strategy of being the market leader in Drone Technologies in the Middle East, the addition of DJI Enterprise Drones to our portfolio will allow us to offer end-to-end drone solutions to our customers in UAE, especially those working on budget-sensitive projects.”

Surveys help organisations gain a better understanding of their operations and evaluate them more effectively. Drone data is used for various purposes, including stockpile tracking, traffic management, blast planning, water management, and cloud reporting. If your organisation is considering drone solutions, get in touch with the experts over at Sigma.

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