Intuitive Indoor Inspection using Flyability Elios 2

Flyaiblity Elios 2 inspector 3.0 Indoor inspection
Companies are using indoor drones to significantly reduce injuries and fatalities during internal inspections. Here's how they're doing it. In addition to savings, safety is one of the biggest benefits to using indoor drones for internal inspections. Flyability Elios 2 is the most intuitive, reliable, and precise indoor inspection drone. Keep your workforce out of harm’s way while performing flawless inspections right from the first flight using cutting edge drone data capture capabilities.

Key Learning

  • Why the Drone and Crane Camera can be great tools to help avoid construction rework.
  • The applications of the Drone and Crane Camera progress monitoring;
  • How to use and integrate the deliverables into your construction/BIM workflows;
  • How construction companies using the Drone and Crane Camera solution on their construction projects to monitor the job site progress and identify build-errors.

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