Construction Progress Monitoring: How can I improve my Business?

Construction site drone
Rework in construction typically costs about 5% of the overall contract value. And the time overruns are worse, at roughly 7.1% of total work hours. These overruns impact relationships between trade contractors, general contractors, and owners, which makes it crucial to reduce and avoid rework. Drone and Crane Camera progress monitoring can reduce the rework by 20-25% by bringing real-time as-build data to help contractors identify a conflict in project designs and avoid unnecessary rework.

Key Learning

  • Why the Drone and Crane Camera can be great tools to help avoid construction rework.
  • The applications of the Drone and Crane Camera progress monitoring;
  • How to use and integrate the deliverables into your construction/BIM workflows;
  • How construction companies using the Drone and Crane Camera solution on their construction projects to monitor the job site progress and identify build-errors.

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