Industry-specific Drone Training

Advanced Drone Training Program

Our Advanced Industry-specific Drone Training Programs are the perfect next step for those looking to elevate their drone piloting skills and knowledge beyond the foundational principles covered in our Commercial Drone Training. Tailored to meet specific industry or application needs, these advanced courses are designed for individuals aiming to harness the full potential of drone technology in specialized fields

Industry-Specific Training Offered:

Drone for Oil & Gas Industry:

This specialized training module is designed for professionals in the oil and gas sector looking to leverage drone technology for critical asset inspections. Participants will learn about the specific challenges and opportunities associated with drone usage in oil and gas, including how to conduct aerial surveys of various assets. The course also covers safety considerations, regulatory compliance, and data analysis techniques tailored to the energy industry’s needs. 

Drone for Public Safety:

Aimed at first responders and public safety officials, this training emphasizes the use of drones in enhancing emergency response strategies, search and rescue operations, and response. 

Who this course is for

  1. Professionals seeking advanced drone training
  2. Commercial drone pilots looking to expand their capabilities

Training Locations

Dubai Training Ground, UAE

RIyadh Training Ground, KSA

Industry-specific Drone Training

US$ 1,785/pax​

This program requires completion of the Commercial Drone Training as a prerequisite. It is designed for Commercial Drone Training Program graduates who wish to acquire further training specific to industry or application needs. 

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