Drone Flight Management Software Spotlight: senseFly eMotion

senseFly eMotion
A robust drone flight management system can make or break your operations— often making the difference-making complicated missions painless and efficient. Let's take a look at sensefly eMotion flight management software. In this article, we talk about our favorite features and what we're excited for in the new update.

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new Arabic Language Support

The inclusion of a language goes a long way in making tech more available and accessible. When you’re flying a mission, reaction time is vital, removing the need to “code-switch” to translate what your UI says vs what input you want to provide can shave off precious milliseconds. In an emergency, fractions of a second can make a huge difference.

We are particularly thrilled with Arabic language support because our very own Khattar Abdulkhalek, the Business Development manager of FEDS – KSA, helped with translations! One of our core values is to propel and empower the region’s assimilation of drone technology— Bringing forth the first drone flight management software in Arabic goes a long way in that endeavor.

UAV Ping

Being cognizant of your surroundings is extremely important as a drone pilot. However, the sheer number of things a pilot is meant to be aware of at all times can be overwhelming at times. SenseFly eMotion flight management software comes integrated with the ADS-B “Ping USB” which gives the pilot information on all air traffic in the vicinity.

Fly Multiple Drones

Did you know that you can run and manage multiple simultaneous eBee flights from the same control point? This little known feature is our secret to tackling megaprojects. The powerful eMotion software comes fully equipped to handle multiple flights— we tested up to four concurrent flights, the software could probably handle more, but to be on the safe side we stopped at four.

The efficiency gains in using multiple drones simultaneously is almost exponential. For example, if you can cover 5 sqkm with one eBee in one flight, using four, you can cover 20 sqkm in the same amount of time. This powerful feature comes in handy when mapping large spaces like 1,100 sqkm in the desert or in an emergency situation where speed of data collection is critical.

Intuitive User Interface

We love working with senseFly because they take feedback seriously. While the eMotion software is as intuitive as ever, senseFly continues to improve and innovate publishing and regulating UI updates. For instance with the most recent eMotion update you can now keep tabs on the battery cycle count status.

new POI Mission Block for SODA 3D

Creating dense 3D rendering with minimal images sounds like the dream goal but with the new update that is exactly what we’re getting. The POI mapping block optimizes oblique data capture to boost efficiency and data quality.

To get started you just have to place a mission block centre point over the POI. eMotion then automatically drafts an octagonal prism style flight path which adjusts itself according to the POI’s size.

Update your senseFly eMotion

And there you have it, some of our favorite eMotion features. To start using the new features, or if you want to start planning your missions in Arabic, update your eMotion flight management software to 3.21.

senseFly eMotion software is now in Arabic

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