Unlocking the full potential of LiDAR Surveys and inspections with DJI Zenmuse L2  

The DJI Zenmuse L2
Last year DJI made headlines with the release of the incredibly accessible Zenmuse L1 and now DJI is poised to do it again with the release of the Zenmuse L2! Join us as we unpack the new and improved features of DJI's latest LiDAR module and explain how it is a significant upgrade from the module’s previous iteration!

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Extended Detection Range

 The L2 comes with an increased detection range enabling surveyors to capture data from up to 450 meters away. Now of course this depends on the reflectivity rate of your target, 450 meters at 50% or 250 meters at 10%.  


This means two things for the user;   

  1. Operational Safety: A longer detection range means the drone can operate at varying altitudes and still capture data efficiently. This flexibility enhances safety, especially in terrain with significant elevation changes or obstacles. 


  1. Increased Efficiency: Being able to fly and capture accurate data from further away enables operators to cover more ground in less time.
Extended Range -Zenmuse L2
Imrpoved detection range for enhanced operational and safety efficiency

Smaller Laser Spots and Denser Point Clouds

Smaller laser points enable you to capture data from more complex or intricate objects like powerlines, OHTL towers, Telecom Towers etc. This refined focus allows the device to detect and differentiate smaller objects, translating into a denser accumulation which translates to improved accuracy.  

Smaller Laser Spots, Denser Point Clouds
Denser point accumulation leads to improved accuracy especially in scenarios such as powerline inspections

More Returns = More Accuracy  


The L2’s improvement from 3 points to 5 point returns has now increased the accuracy of your bare earth data. This comes in particularly advantagious when surveying terrains that are covered in thick vegetation. With clearer, more comprehensive picture of the ground, even beneath the thickets, this improvement makes the L2 a vital tool for generating Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). 

5 Point returns
Improved lidar module - L2 now supports 5 point returns whereas the L1 supported only 3

Enhanced Point Cloud Rate

The L2 has now pushed the boundary of the Point Cloud Rate in LiDAR technology, reaching a rate of a whopping 240,000 points every second. The improved point emission rate contributes to more detailed and accurate 3D models and will excell when capturing data from large parcels of land.  

Enhanced Point Coud Emission Rate
Visualisation of LiDAR Mapping at 240 000 points per-sercond

Dual Scanning Modes  

Adapting to varied application needs, the L2 offers two distinct scanning modes:  

Repetitive Mode: Geared for tasks where high precision is key, this mode captures data in a recurring manner over the same area, ensuring maximum detail and accuracy.  

Non-Repetitive Mode: Tailored for more specialised operations like inspecting power lines or surveying forests, this mode avoids repetitive scans, focusing on breadth and coverage.

Dual Scanning Mode
Dual Scanning Mode for improved efficiency and accuracy

Highly accurate and efficient IMU System

The L2 comes in with an upgraded IMU or Inertial Measurement Unit which when paired with the drones RTK data provides a significant boost to accuracy. 

Also, as soon as you power it on, the system is ready for flight. Combined with the robust IP54 ingress protection, the Zenmuse L2 is ready to be deployed instantaneously at a moment’s notice even under harsh conditions!

High-Efficiency IMU
A glimpse of the IMU System - The Brain behind the Brawn

RGB Mapping Camera: A Leap in Aerial Imaging Capabilities

With the pixel size enhanced to 3.3 μm and a total count of 20 MP effective pixels, images from the L2’s RGB Mapping Camera will not only be clearer but also more detailed. Combined with the mechanical shutter, you will find motion blur to be a thing of the past, the L2 captures precise photos even at speeds of 15 m/s.

L2 Payload in white background
The upgraded LiDar sensor and RGB Camera

Integrated and Optimised for On-Site Processing

In addition to the module improvements, deployment is also simpler now. Users can now view point clouds in a live feed, merge multiple models, and auto-generate task quality reports with minimal processing delay. This is all thanks to the well-optimised interface of the DJI RC Plus, which seamlessly integrates DJI’s Pilot 2 app with the L2. 

DJI RC Plus Controller
Seamless intergration between DJI Pilot 2 & L2 ensures Flawless deployment and operations

Practical Applications: Broadening Horizons

Just as with its predecessor, the versatility of Zenmuse L2 is one of its standout features. It seamlessly integrates with DJI Enterprise flight platforms and DJI Terra, making it ideal for a range of applications: 


Elevate your surveying, mapping and inspection operations with the DJI Zenmuse L2
DJI Zenmuse L2 for Powerline Inspections

A Leap Ahead in Aerial LiDAR Systems

Each of these features represents thoughtfully designed solutions addressing the specific challenges faced by drone operators in LiDAR mapping applications.  By offering enhanced precision, operational efficiency, and versatility, the L2 sets a new benchmark in the landscape of drone-based LiDAR systems. Whether you are in AEC, surveying, infrastructure management, or forestry, the L2 promises to be a transformative tool for your operations.  

Get in touch with us today for more details, and demos, or to understand how Zenmuse L2 can revolutionise your surveying and inspection operations!  

Zenmuse L2 in Action
Elevate your surveying, mapping and inspection operations with the DJI Zenmuse L2!

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