DJI M350— The industry’s workhorse just got an upgrade!

DJI M350
The commercial drone realm was forever transformed with the introduction of the DJI M300 RTK. Gone were the days of precarious DSLR balancing acts in pursuit of zoom capabilities, only to be met with the nightmare of focusing the lens. The M300, along with its diverse range of payloads, addressed these challenges and many more that went unnoticed. From inspecting powerlines and telecom towers to monitoring construction sites, surveying vast terrains, and even detecting methane leaks along pipelines, this robust drone has become an indispensable asset across industries. To refer to the M300 as the industry's workhorse would be an understatement.

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So imagine our delight when DJI Enterprise came out with a successor to the revered M300 RTK— the M350. The M350 takes the tried and tested foundation of the M300 and introduces highly anticipated enhancements, making it even more potent and versatile.

DJI M350

We can’t want to take this drone out onto the field and do our own tests. Stay tuned for further updates!

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