Everything you need to know about the DJI M350 RTK 

What can be said about the M350 that hasn’t been said already? That it's a workhorse? That it's one of the safest enterprise-level drones to be manufactured? Or that its capacity to boost efficiency and precision is unparalleled? Regardless of the verbiage used, it's clear that the M350 is well-equipped to push forward the precedent set by its predecessors.

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From the most prominent features to subtle yet essential quality-of-life improvements, join us as we explore everything you need to know about the Matrice 350 RTK in this comprehensive guide. 

DJI M350 RTK in action
DJI M350 RTK deployed for wind farm inspections

What is the Matrice 350 RTK? 

Matrice 350 RTK is DJI’s latest flagship drone, it builds on the successes of its predecessor the M300 and comes with a range of upgrades. With its upgraded capabilities the drone offers significant improvements in terms of aerial operations in industries such as public safety, infrastructure, mapping, energy and more. 

M350 stationed on top of the carrying case which also doubles as a launch platform

What makes the Matrice 350 RTK a complete drone solution for your commercial implications? 

A drone system’s effectiveness depends on its entire ecosystem: for this reason, the M350 comes complete with a wide array of modules, from hot-swappable batteries to a smart battery charging station, a storage station, and a controller. Not only that, but all the payloads that made the M300 versatile are compatible with the M350.  


Here’s the breakdown of what has been improved.


Improved IP Rating – IP55

Improved ingress protection rating of IP55 and a weatherproof design make operating the M350 under harsh weather conditions a breeze. It now has added protection against solid objects. Be it snow or sand, you can fly it without a hassle. While with other drones you’d have to cancel the mission at the first sign of rainfall, the M350 is built to resist water spray from all directions. While we wouldn’t recommend flying it in torrential rain, the M350 will enable you to continue operations in challenging scenarios.  

M350 Improved IP rating showcase
M350 with Improved Ingress Protection (IP55)

Armlock indicator and hazard alerts 


Matrice series drones are highly acclaimed for their safety and redundancy features, and the M350 takes it all up a notch with its improved design. All four arms feature a magnetic arm lock mechanism which locks them in place. The safety mechanism prevents the craft from taking off and it notifies the operator if its arms aren’t safely secured in place. Even during flight, the drone notifies the operator of any threats or hazards that could jeopardise the mission such as elevated wind speeds, obstacles, signal interference and more. The new transmission system also adds to the safety & reliability of this drone by enabling strong connectivity in complex scenarios— but we felt this deserved a segment of its own so more on that later. 

Arm Lock Indicator
The newly added magnetic arm lock mechanism for imrpoved safety

Low light FPV Camera 

One of the headlining features of the M350 is the night-vision FPV camera that offers improved performance for nighttime operations. The low-light image-sensing capabilities push the drone beyond conventional norms and make it ideal for after-dark search and rescue and surveillance operations. The enhanced FPV camera enables operations in challenging visibility and even low-light scenarios. 

Low light FPV Camera on the DJI M350
Low-light FPV camera for enhanced night-time operations

A flagship remote controller – RC Plus 


Originally launched with the M30, the RC Plus was an upgrade in every way from its predecessor, the RC Pro controller. The RC Plus’s larger 7-inch screen is brighter, and it can go all the way up to 1200 nitts, making it well readable under direct sunlight range, with a resolution of 1080p. 

You now have more buttons for increased control and all the button’s tactile feedback has been improved for ease of use. The moment you pick it up, the improved ergonomics do not go unnoticed. The controller provides more grip and its sturdy construction paired with the large screen and button placement, allows you to easily control the drone. Thanks to its sleek and intelligent design you can now manoeuvre the drone without changing your grip or performing difficult finger movements.  

What is even more exciting is that the M350 supports the dual-control feature which enables two pilots to work together on the same drone platform. And with the extra buttons, pilots can now seamlessly switch between the payloads or views. 

DJI RC Plus Controller
DJI RC Plus Controller with larger screen, customisable buttons and a slew of upgraded capabilities

Transmission systemOcuSync 3 

The M350 runs on an updated and more advanced OcuSync 3 transmission system which enables lossless connectivity between the pilot and the drone. The quad antenna set up in the drone ensures a stable connection at distances of up to a whopping 20 kilometres.  

The propellers have been upgraded with non-conductive material construction, further reducing signal disruptions or interferences. Furthermore, the upgraded transmission system supports triple channel 1080p transmission which ensures smooth and uninterrupted video streaming and seamless switching between input feeds.  

The Battery System – TB65 

While the M300 and M350 provide the same amount of flight time of 55 minutes, the M350’s upgraded TB65 batteries can now go up to 400 charging cycles. This compared to the 250 cycles the older TB60 offered, almost doubles the effective lifespan of a battery. Additionally, the new batteries also feature heat sink grooves for improved cooling capabilities while charging.  

To further improve the efficiency of the TB65 batteries, DJI has designed a new intelligent battery station which offers enhanced battery charging capabilities that ensures batteries’ longevity. The new charging station has 3 new charging modes – storage mode, ready-to-fly mode, and standard charging mode.  

Storage mode lets batteries charge up to 50% and retain it when there are no immediate flight plans. The ready-to-fly mode on the other hand tops up the battery from 10% – 90% in under just 25 minutes. The charging mode makes the battery ready for the drone’s next mission once the charge on the initial set of batteries is depleted. Finally, the standard mode tops up the battery to its full 100% capacity and retains it, making the battery ready for immediate deployment on critical missions. 

And oh, did we mention that there are LED indicators on the batteries for easy visibility of the charge levels? 

The new and improved battery station also has a cooling system with strategically placed vents to optimise the battery charging efficiency. This improved cooling system will also go towards lengthening the average battery’s lifespan. 

One of the more underrated features of the new charging cases is that it comes with a set of wheels that rotate 360 degrees. The wheels significantly improve the mobility and the ease of transporting the batteries. 

Smart Battery Charging Station
Smart Battery Charging station with Upgraded TB65 Batteries

The carrying case  

One of the most reported benefits with the M350 is the new carrying case. We all know that while flying or operating the drone itself is a breeze, lugging it to and from the field is a different story. However, DJI has remedied this concern by completely redesigning the DJI M350’s protective case. A comparison between the cases will show an astounding 31% reduction in size and the addition of 360-degree wheels to improve mobility. The internals are also customisable! The foam inserts can be removed, replaced or rearranged for your specific requirements accommodating new payloads and gear such as an extra controller, batteries and more. 

Smaller and more portable carrying case for the M350
Smaller and more portable carrying case with 360 degree rotatable wheels

What are the payload and accessory options available for the Matrice 350 RTK? 

If you have an inventory of payloads that you purchased for your M300 such as Zenmuse H20N, L1, P1, H20S and H20T, you can rest assured that they will fit right onto the M350. The new M350 is backward compatible with all the M300 payloads and accessories– including the batteries! If you are new to the commercial drone space and the M350 is your first drone, you can browse through the extensive library of payloads and accessories from DJI and configure your drone to fit your requirements.  

Zenmuse H20N
Variety of configurable payloads for multifarious operations - Zenmuse H20N

What are the benefits of using the Matrice 350 RTK for different industries and applications? 

Asset Inspections 

When configured with the right set of payloads, the M350 can help you capture high-quality images and videos of various structures such as bridges, buildings, pipelines, wind turbines, solar panels and more. Furthermore, you can use the drone’s RTK feature to geotag the images with pinpoint accuracy, which can help you with post-processing and analysis. You can also use the dual-control system to switch between visual and thermal camera payloads, which can help you detect defects, faults, or anomalies effectively.  

With the M350, you can take the accuracy and reliability of the visual data to the next level, by utilising the drone’s multi-payload capability! You can attach different sensors or accessories such as zoom cameras, lidars, GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), or TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) and obtain comprehensive insights during your inspections. 

Asset inspections with M350
Asset inspections with M350

Surveying & Mapping 

The tedious task of surveying vast land clusters can now be made simpler with the help of the M350. It can help you measure and analyze various parameters and features of the land, such as elevation, slope, distance, area, volume, and more. You can convert collected data into meaningful insights with the DJI Terra software by generating orthomosaics, digital elevation models, digital surface models, contour maps, and more. 

What is more? The M350 makes mapping different terrains and regions a breeze with its multitude of payloads and sensors such as the Zenmuse P1 or L1. The UAV can now help you create high-resolution ortho maps and models of various environments such as forests, mines, farms, and more with the help of the DJI Terra software. Additionally, the in-built RTK module ensures accurate positioning and reduces the need for ground control points. 

Terrain Mapping with the M350 RTK
Precision Terrain Mapping with the M350

Public safety 

The improved lowlight camera enhances flight control for night-time operations. This enables first responders to tend to various emergencies and incidents, such as fires, floods, accidents, crimes, and disasters more efficiently with the M350. Furthermore, with the new controller, drone pilots can easily switch between visual and thermal cameras, which can help them locate victims and tend to them immediately! 

But that’s not all. Equipped with advanced features like PinPoint and real-time mapping, The M350 seamlessly links the air, ground, and cloud for critical rescue missions. After capturing aerial images, DJI FlightHub 2 quickly models the site, relaying crucial commands to both the drone and ground teams. With capabilities like real-time uploads and live operation views, it ensures clear and swift communication, enhancing air-to-ground collaboration in emergencies. 

M350 for Public Safety
M350 for night-time rescue operations

The DJI M350 RTK Drone: the ultimate tool for your commercial aerial operations 

With its multifaceted capabilities and a collection of industry-leading features, the DJI M350 RTK sets a new standard for UAVs. Its adaptable design, robust safety features, and customisability make it the go-to drone for a variety of use cases such as mapping, surveying, inspections, public safety, and more.  

The DJI M350 RTK shines as a versatile and reliable tool for your commercial aerial operations, combining adaptability, safety, and customisability – all in one impressive package. 

If you would like to learn more about the DJI M350 get in touch with us today! 

M350 with upgraded night vision FPV camera
M350 with upgraded night vision FPV camera for enhanced night-time operability

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