Here’s everything you need to know about DJI M300 RTK new firmware update

DJI M300 RTK Drone the best inspection drone
Its a great year and a half since the M300 RTK has come out. We've been quick to upgrade out outdoor inspection fleet to the M-300 to improve our drone inspection reliability and accuracy. So we're rather excited to find out what further improvements to safety and performance this DJI M300 RTK new firmware update brings.

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Offline Updates!

Yes, you read that right. After you’ve updated your M-300 to V3, any future firmware updates can take place without an active connection. You just have to download the update package from the official DJI website and save it on an SD card or disk and just plug it into your controller, drone or even payload.

New Feature: Network Security Modes

Depending on your requirements, you can now swap between three network modes with increasing security protocols. You have the “Standard Mode” which doesn’t impose any restrictions, followed by “Restricted Network Mode” which only transmits maps, RTK data and the live broadcast. Finally, you have the “Local Data Mode” which you can think of as an ‘airplane mode’ (Yes, an aircraft now comes with an airplane more). Read more about it here.

Network Security Modes

Encrypt Your SD Cards

You can now secure your SD cards with security codes such as AED encryption. Once you’ve encrypted the SD card, you’d have to input the passphrase every time the M-300 boots.

Delete All Device Data

DJI has made it easier for us to delete internal logs of the drone’s activity from the drone, remote controller and payloads. Suppose you have flight logs saved on DJI’s server, you can send them a request to wipe those as well!

Encrypted SD Card

Panaroma Mode on H20 Series

Do you want quick panoramas on demand? Well, DJI just gave you the ability to capture full-scene panoramas at the click of a button. It takes about a minute to capture the panorama but it certainly helps gain situational awareness.

Coordinated Turning

After you’ve updated the M-300 to V3, the next time you fly, you’ll find it easier to maneuver smooth turns mid-flight. This feature automatically adds the Roll to Yaw with turning, removing the need for you to manually coordinate both control sticks.

Raising the Roof

For those high altitude missions, the maximum height limit for the M-300 has been increased from 500m to 1500m. However, when near airports, the height lock may decrease. 

One Tap Panaroma Result

Health Management System

This update makes it easier for you to use DJI’s already intuitive HMS and keep tabs on your M-300. But now, from the HMS you can directly access DJI’s maintenance program and DJI Care enterprise.

Optimized Return-to-home

The next time the M-300 encounters an obstacle during Return to Home, it will prompt the pilot to assume manual control and will automatically exit RTH. Should the pilot want to assume control and exit RTH at any point, all you’d have to do is move the controller sticks in opposite directions.

Pinpoint Optimizations

The H20 series’s rangefinder is a boon to operators. But with the new update in V3, operators can now drop, edit and manage multiple Pin Points and even set a PinPoint as a home point. 

Update Your M-300

To enjoy the new features and upgrades, all you have to do is upgrade your M-300 to V3. If you need any further information, you can either contact us or refer to DJI’s post

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