Your Successful Drone Initiative Starts here.

Drones have a lot to offer inspection teams across industries. They make your inspections safer, faster and more efficient. Suppose you do want to start your own drone inspection operations- where do you start? This handbook answers your questions and gives you a guiding hand in setting up your own drone inspection program.

The contents of this handbook is the culmination of thousands of drone inspection hours conducted by FEDS- Drone powered Solutions.

Who should read this playbook: 

Calling all Drone Pilots, Inspection Professionals and Innovation Officers!

This handbook provides a comprehensive outlook on commercial drone use and, field tested practices that you can use to conduct safe and thorough inspections. We’ve included advice for those who have been flying for years as well as those who are brand new to drones, so whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just starting out, there is something here for everyone.