DJI Dock Workshop: A Glimpse into the Autonomous Drone Operation

DJI Dock Workshop at the drone Centre
We had an absolute blast running a workshop on the Dock, the latest innovation from DJI! 🚀 And I think we can all agree that talking about drones, especially breakthroughs like the DJI Dock is extremely stimulating. Our favourite part of the event was the live demo, where we took control of a drone from a DJI Dock stationed about 50 km away using FlytBase. I mean, seriously, how cool is that?

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Play Video about DJI-Dock-Event-Workshop

Don’t worry if you missed our DJI Dock live workshop event – this recording is your ticket to meaningful insights. Join us as we take you through the capabilities and features of DJI’s newest innovation, the DJI Dock, and how it will reshape the drone industry. 😎 Dive in now and gain a front-row seat to the transformation that you can’t afford to miss!

You can also download the slide! 

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