DJI Dock Training

What you will learn

In-depth exploration of the DJI Dock into the advanced functionalities that set the DJI Dock apart. Gain insights into how the key features of the dock to execute efficient, effective, and reliable drone missions.

  • Dock Assembly & Disassembly
  • Essential Features
  • Configuration Best Practices
  • Maintenance & Safe storing
  • Flight planning for success

Training Overview

Setup Guide

Installation Essentials

Navigate through the critical steps of setting up the DJI Dock, from selecting an optimal location to establishing power and network connections. This guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge for a smooth installation process, ensuring your Dock is configured for peak efficiency.


Configuration Best Practices:

about the adjustments and settings crucial for achieving the best possible outcomes, including tips on network security, device pairing, and troubleshooting common setup challenges.

Dock Assembly & Disassembly

Assembly Instructions:

Acquire the skills to assemble the DJI Dock with precision. This segment provides a detailed walkthrough of the assembly process, highlighting the importance of each component and the correct techniques to ensure a secure setup, ready for autonomous operations.


Disassembly and Maintenance:

Equally important, this section covers the careful process of disassembling your DJI Dock, whether for maintenance, upgrades, or relocation. Learn the best practices for handling and storing components, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your equipment.

Flight Planning & Data Capturing

Strategic Flight Planning:

Elevate your drone operations with strategic flight planning techniques designed for the DJI Dock. Understand how to utilize the autonomous flight capabilities to plan efficient missions, including setting precise flight paths and scheduling automated operations, for optimal data collection.


Effective Data Capturing:

Focus on the critical aspect of capturing and managing high-quality data through automated drone missions. This segment offers insights into real-time data monitoring, processing, and storage, ensuring that you can leverage the data collected for analysis, decision-making, and compliance purposes.

Who this course is for

  1. Commercial drone pilots looking to expand their capabilities.
  2. Drone operators and business owners interested in autonomous drone operation.
  3. Public safety officials looking to integrate autonomous drones into their fleet.

Training Locations

Dubai Training Ground, UAE

RIyadh Training Ground, KSA

DJI Dock Training

US$ 2,315/pax

Avaliable Training Schedule

Train as a group with our on-demand training package, offering customisable courses and on-premises training options tailored to your team’s needs.

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