Drone Surveying & Mapping Training


Designed for individuals aiming to master the use of DJI Enterprise Drones and their payloads for precise, efficient surveying and mapping missions. Participants will learn about advanced mission planning, best practices for data collection and data processing techniques.

Industry-specific Drone Training


Our Advanced Industry-based Drone Training Programs are the perfect next step for those looking to elevate their drone piloting skills and knowledge beyond the foundational principles covered in our Commercial Drone Training. Tailored to meet specific industry or application needs, these advanced courses are designed for individuals aiming to harness the full potential of drone technology in specialized fields

DJI Dock Training


An in-depth exploration of the DJI Dock delves into the advanced functionalities of DJI Dock, such as remote management, safety mechanisms, and extended operational autonomy. Gain insights into how these features contribute to more efficient and reliable drone missions, empowering you to leverage technology for superior performance.