Making the operations safer with Drone Inspections in Oil & Gas field

Indoor inspection using Flyability elios 2

Oil and gas fields are home to a plethora of hazards–many of which are caused by the process, product, and environment. To maintain a safe working atmosphere and prevent accidents and incidents, regular inspections of assets are necessary. Unsurprisingly, internal inspections of Oil field assets are not easy or safe- especially using traditional methods. This explains the rise in popularity of drone-powered internal inspections- Drone inspections in Oil & Gas make the operations faster and safer while being more cost-effective and yielding better data.

How are Indoor Drones Improving Safety in Internal Inspections?

Benefit using drone reduce injury safer operation

Companies are using indoor drones to significantly reduce injuries and fatalities during internal inspections. Here’s how they’re doing it. In addition to savings, safety is one of the biggest benefits to using indoor drones for internal inspections. The reason for this is simple. By using an indoor drone to collect visual data, inspectors don’t have to collect it themselves. This means that drones can take the place of inspectors, reducing the need for them to enter potentially dangerous places inside assets like boilers, pressure vessels, or chimneys.