Skycatch provides aerial data capture automation, processing, data visualization, and analysis tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your workflow and drone operations. You improve your standard plan-fly-process-analyze workflow by up to 70% by using the Skycatch Flight App, Edge 1 GNSS Base Station, and Data Hub, the extendable cloud-based solution for drone mapping.


Plan & Fly

You can plan and fly fully automated missions on the Flight1 app with just a few taps. Combine the Edge1 base station with DJI P4RTK or the M300 RTK to capture precise data without wasting time on setting up GCPs.


Once you're done flying, just insert the SD card into the Edge1 base station, and it'll start processing the data right there on the field. In 30 minutes, you can preview a processed point cloud without an internet connection.



Access your fully processed data right from the Edge1 app or any computer. Markup, measure, overlay CAD plans, and more right from the Skycatch viewer or export the data files to use in any other software like Autodesk or ArcGIS.

Watch how it works

Plan-process-analyze all without an active internet connection. Plan with the SkySync, process using the Edge1 and analyze with the Data Hub. To see just how powerful this combination is, check out this video.

Skycatch Edge Platform (SEP)

Skycatch Edge Platform

Combination GNSS base station and drone data processing unit delivering high accuracy maps and point clouds! 

In the construction and mining field immediate access to mission-critical data is paramount. The SEP edge automation platform solves that challenge by combining a GNSS base station and drone data processing unit in one package that delivers highly accurate maps and point clouds in minutes. 

  • Data capture automation.
  • High Precision GNSS Applications (RTK/PPK).
  • Real-time processing – Skycatch Vision Engine.
  • LTE/5G ready.

Powered by NVIDIA TX2 and the Skycatch Vision Engine, Skycatch’s Edge Computing and Smart GNSS processing unit can deliver highly accurate results within 30 minutes. This speed is achieved by leveraging the parallel processing power of CUDA with NVIDIA’s GPUs.

Skycatch Speed and accuracy engine

High level speed metrics:

Number of Images Processing Speed
15 minutes
30 minutes
80 minutes
140 minutes
Global GNSS reciever

Even in the most remote locations, you can consistently and quickly obtain centimeter-level accuracy. The robust global multi-band and multi-constellation receiver support GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo signals. 

Skycatch Data Hub

Skycatch Data Hub

Visuals, measurements, analytics, all at your fingertips!

The Skycatch Data Hub is an extendable cloud-based software that provide 3D measurements, accuracy reports, as-built validation, data sharing, and other features. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with point clouds, DTMs, DSMs, meshes, or design files; they’re all supported.

Data Hub can also be accessed via REST APIs from within your own or third-party applications.

  • Visualize all your data in high precision 3D.
  • Compare datasets and track changes.
  • Track as-builts with automatically aligned design file imports.
  • Create powerful 2D and 3D measurements, including cut-and-fill
  • Create and share analytics, markups, as-builts, and progress reports.
  • Import / Export all standard data types.
visual-map skycatch data hub


Manage photos, maps, point clouds, DSMs, and design files in a single, centralized location.

Fast 2D and 3D Measurements skycatch data hub

Fast 2D and 3D Measurements

Create precise 2D map or 3D map to create measurements of your sites in near-real-time.

Measure 3D Changes Over Time

Measure 3D Changes Over Time

Measure map changes in 3D over time across multiple datasets and track changes.

Import Design Files

Import Design Files

Import 2D and 3D design files and the system places them automatically onto the map.

Comparison to As-Builts

Comparison to As-Builts

Compare your 3D design files to what’s really happening on your job site and track the changes over time.

Export and Share Data

Export and Share Data

Export all of your data in all major open formats using global or local coordinate systems.

Mark Up Datasets with Notes

Mark Up Datasets with Notes

Add a variety of markups to your data and share them with collaborators.

Robust User Management Features

Robust User Management Features

Complete control over who has access a varied levels of permission to your job sites both inside and outside of your organization.

Inspect Raw Photos

Inspect Raw Photos

Inspect, markup and share all of the raw photos of your sites from your data sets.

Multiple Exportable Data Types

Multiple Exportable Data Types

Export all standard data file types to easily bring into your workflow. Download a sample of the data.

DJI Drones Compatible

DJI Zenmuse P1


This heavy duty drone is built for the harshest environments and flies up to 55 minutes on one battery. Its high resolution camera (P1) and lidar sensor (L1) were developed specifically for mapping and surveying. 


DJI Phantom 4 RTK

The P4RTK is the missing link in the surveying puzzle. DJI’s Phantom 4 RTK is a fan favorite among surveyors for its price point, accurate data, reliability, and field maneuverability. The P4RTK delivers centimeter-level accuracy on data that empower surveying your mining sites.

Skycatch Edge Platform

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