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Indoor inspections and confined space entry often puts the inspectors at risk and are labour-intensive tasks. Indoor drones change that. Make your indoor visual inspections safer, faster, and more cost-effective using Flyability’s indoor drones.

Indoor Inspection Drone

Flyaiblity Elios 2 drone RAD

Elios 2 RAD

Limit human exposure and improve visibility. Monitor levels across your entire plant from the safety of an uncontaminated room.

Flyaiblity Elios 2 drone Indoor inspection

Elios 2

Designed for challenging environments. Significantly increase operational safety by isolating the workers from the hazard.

Flyaiblity Elios 2 range extender Indoor inspection

Range Extender

Conduct inspections through walls and obstacles. Expand your BVLOS capabilities and improve inspection efficiency without risking safety.


Flyaiblity Elios 2 inspector 3.0 Indoor inspection

Inspector 3.0

From data to actionable insights. Pinpoint data to blueprints in GPS denied environments. Empower your visual inspections with inspector 3.0

Flyaiblity Elios 2 drone Indoor inspection
Flyability Elios 2 indoor inspection drone

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Fixed-wing vs. VTOL: what do you need to consider before choosing

Join us for an engaging webinar and live Q&A that dives deep into the common discussion points around the fixed-wing drones vs. VTOLs debate.

Tuesday, November 9 at 11:30 Dubai Time

Our panel of internal and external experts will share facts on take off and landing, flight performance, coverage, cameras, mission operations and regulations for both platforms.